Principles of Flight

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A To: Eveline

From: Manuel Gil Ruiz

Subject: Trip to Edinburgh

Dear Eveline,

I´m Travelling to Edinburgh on 15th May. Please could you make reservations for a Mid- morning flight, returning on the evening of 18th may? While I´m there, I´d Like to rent a car for four days. Please order a compact class manual car. Can You also book me an executive suite at the Bluebell Hotel for three nights from 15th- 17th May?

Please let Me know if there are any problems.

Thanks you,

Manuel Gil Ruiz.

To: Street Hotel

From: Manuel Gil Ruiz

Subject: Booking 23rd-27th June

Dear Sir/Madam,

We would Like to book four Business Suites in your hotel for four nights, from 23rd June till 27th June, full board. In addition, we’d like to know if a Meeting room suitable for 13 people will be available on 23d June in The afternoon. Please send us pricing information for all of the above.

Sincerely Yours,

Manuel Gil Ruiz

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