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honeymon.The culture is new and exciting.Their dreams and expectations about the future seem to be coming true--rejection:many things dont go according to pla--regression:in order to deal with stressful changes,you may try to surrounf yourself with people of your culture--recover:if person can work through regression yhey may feel accepted--reverse cs,,,culture shock when going back

conartist:someone who tricks people in order to get money from them--sudden:happening quickly--phenomenon:unusual or dificult to understand--phase:stage or a number of changes that will occur--wonder:a feeling or amazement for something new to you--fascinated:extremly fascinated by somethin--frustration:being upset because you cant control something--gesture:moving a part of your body to show meaning or feeling--offend:rude--depression:sadness--especially:in particular--acceptance:accept something that cannt be changed--struggle:fighting to win when youre losing--realization:understanding something

apply:make a application--fill in:acts as a substitute--attend:be present--shortlist:a list of selected candidates from wich final choices are made--

travelling-cs--ceo eventually destroyed the stereotype--lack of racial diversity--still relies on a traditional--your sales revenue--become a shareholder

if a national:nationality--its members-board--responsible:mentor-coomon;shiftwork-situation:cutthroat--netincome:booton line--excessive:red tape--standard:yardstick

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