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Proprietorship- a colony created through a grant of land from the English monarch to an individual or groupQuakers-a group of christians who believe in worship and simplicity of daily life     Navigation acts-English laws passed, requiring that certain English colonial goods be shipped through English ports on English ships 
    Dominion of new england-Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts Bay, Plymouth, New York, and New Jersey into a single, vast colony and eliminated their assemblies and other chartered rights.      Glorious Revolution-James II of England was overthrown by William of Orange. Creating a constitutional monarchy that enhanced the powers of the House of Commons at the expense of the crown.
Constitutional Monarchy-A monarchy limited in its rule by a constitution.    Second Hundred Years' War-England fought in seven major wars; the longest era of peace lasted only twenty-six years.
The adaptation of stateless peoples to the demands imposed on them by neighboring states
      Covenant Chain-The alliance of the Iroquois, first with the colony of New York, then with the British Empire and its other colonies. 
            South Atlantic System-A new agricultural and commercial order that produced sugar, tobacco, rice

  • Stono Rebellion-Slave uprising in 1739 along the Stono River in South Carolina in which a group of slaves armed themselves, plundered six plantations, 

   Patronage-The power of elected officials to grant government jobs and favors to their supporters
 Land Banks-An institution, established by a colonial legislature, that printed paper money and lent it to farmers  Edmund Andos-Appointed leader of the Dominion of New England, hard leader deposed after the rise of William and Mary

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