The picture of dorian gray chapter 1-2 lord henry went at basil´s house.When lord

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Dorian Gray is the heroe of the story.He is the main character.At the beginning of the work he was a young man,he was 17 years old.He was shy and innocent because of his youth,but he changed into a despicable person.He had got blonde hair and blu eyes.He had lips of a special red.He was truly beautiful and handsome man.He seemed a very good person,however,he was an hypocritical person.Besides,he was an agressive man and he was selfish and estupid

Lord Henry was Dorian's best friend.Lord Henry met to Dorian thanks to Basil.Basil was both's friend.When Lord met to Dorian,he taught him a lo of things and concepts.Lord Henry ws an intelligent person and he shined thanks to his ability to communicate with people.He was troubled and all day,he was taling and discussing with Dorian.He was only afraid of dead

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