Peace and silence

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A thief→ thieves

·A knife→ knives

·A baby→ babies

·A woman→ women

·A mouse→ mice

·A foot→ feet

·A tooth→ teeth

·Toe (beatza) / Tow (arrastrar)

·Sent (enviar) / Scent (esencia, olor)

·Pour (servir) / Poor (pobre)

·Mail /Male

·Cereal / Serial

·Minor / Miner

·Heel (tacon)  / Heal (sendatu)

·Peace (pakea) / Piece ( zatia)

·Stationary (parado) / Stationery (papelería)

·Break ( apurtu) / Brake ( freno)

·Capsize (Volcarse)                                          

·Casualties(heridos, attack,natural,disaster)    

Receive compensation


*Survival(n)→ survivor                            

*Strike/Struck (estrellar)


                          Cruise ship


·Assist=help                               ·Receive= to get

·Realize=notice                           ·Panic=fear

·Advise=tip                                  ·Evacuate= to get out quickly

*Debris (Restos/Escombros)

*Ordeal (Dura experiencia / Sufrimiento)

·Tired          ----------        Exhausted

·Frightening     ---------      Terrifying

·Memorable    ----------      Unforgettable

·Angry          ----------          Furious

·Bad                ----------       Horrific

·Interesting        ----------     Fascinating

·Happy               ----------     Delighted

·Good            ----------          Terrific

·Funny         ----------         Hilarious

·Cope with something (aurre egin)

·To embrace (abrazo psicologico)

·Threats (amenaza)

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