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FIRST World War. -The causes. In 1914 a conflict began in Europe called First World Warr. In this war countries were divided on two sides. .The central powers included Germany, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria and Turkey. The Entente, incluided Frace, Russia, the UK and Serbia. The immediate cause of the war was the murder in Sarajevo of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the throne of Austria-Hungrary by Serbian nacionalist student. As a consequence, A-H declared war on Serbia, which received the support of Russia, launching the system of alliances: the Triple Alliance and the Triple Entente.  The deeper causes were related to the climate of tension in Europe before 1914. There were territorial conflicts between the larger countries, colonial conflicts, nationalist conflicts, and economic rivalries due to competition in trade.  -The consequences. At the Paris Conference which was only attended by the victors, five peace treatries were signed with the defeated countries. The treaties imposed territorial concessions on the defeated countries, as well as the reduction of their armies and the payment of costly reparations for the war. The treaties also designed a new map of Europe with news countries: Poland, Austria, Hungrary, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, Filand, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

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