Past continuous without specifing moment

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Present s – I Work, don’t. Present c. – I am working, am Not. Present p. – I have worked, haven’t. Present p. C. – I have been working, haven’t.

Past s. – I worked, Didn’t, last week, yesterday, ago. Past c. – I was working, wasn’t, at that moment, while, when. Past P. – I had worked, hadn’t, never, since, for, already, just, still, yet, Before. Past p. C. – I had been worked, hadn’t.

Will – will work, Won’t. Going to – I am going to work, am Not. Future p. – I will have worked, won’t. Future c. – I will be working, won’t. Conditional – I would work, wouldn’t.

Modals + inf

Ability: can (pot), could (podria), will be able to (futur podria).

Prohibition: mustn’t (prohibit).

Obligation: must (he de), have to (he de).

Lock of obligation, necessity: don’t have to, don’t need to (no cal).

Advice: should (hauria de), ought to (hauria de), had better (seria millor).

Permission: can (pot, informal), could (podria, standard), may (puc, formal).

Possibility: may (pot), might (podria), could (podria).

Deduction: must (he de, positiu), can’t (he de, negatiu).

Modal Perfects: modal + have + pp.

Defining, no comas, necessary. Non defining, comas, extra.

Who(people), which (all), that (things and people), where (place), when (time), Why (reason), whose (possessive), whom (people after Preposition), what (el que).

Passive Voice: Be (en el temps) + pp / is spoken, is being, has been, was spoken, was Being, had been…   Modal + Be + pp

Said: She said. / Told: he told me. / Questions: Wh, word – yes no, if…

Present s. Past S. / Present c. Past c. / Past s. Past p. / Present P. Past p. / Past p. Past p. / Present p. C. Past p. C. / will. Would. / can. Could. / Must. Had to. / May. Might. / Could. Would. / Would. Could. / Might. Might.

Today, that day. / Tomorrow, the next day. / Yesterday, the day before. / Tonight, that night. / Last week, the week before. / Now, then. / Here, there. / This, that. / Next Day, the following day. / Ago, before.

Accuse (acusar) + algú + of fent alguna cosa / i’m sure

Admit (aceptar) + ing

Apologise (disculpa) + for + ing / sorry

Claim (afirmar) And Explain (explicar) + that + clause

Invite (invitar)  + Algú + of fent alguna cosa

Offer (oferir) and threaten (amaneçar) + algú + of fent alguna cosa

Promise (prometre) + algú + of fent alguna cosa + persona

Warn (advertir) + Algú + not + to + fent alguna cosa


0. If + present s., present s.

1. If + Present s, will/won’t + inf.

2. If +  past. S, would/wouldn’t + inf.

3. If + Past p, would + have + pp.

I wish + Past p (recriminar però no es pot arreglar)

I wish + Past s (en un Passat, per en un future, no m’arrapanteixo).

I wish + Would + inf (queixar-te però pots arreglar).

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