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Active Passive Tense
Present simple Writes / write is / are written
P. Continuous is / are writing is / are being written
Past simple wrote was / were written
Continuous Ps was / were writting was / were being -
Present Perfect has / have written has / have been --
Past perfect Had written had been written
Simple Future will write will been written
Future perfect will have will have been written -
conditional would write would be written
would have written would have been written
Infinitive to write to be written
to have written to have benn written
-ing form writing being written
written having been written havin

It + passive + to + v1 equal
S2 + v1 + v2 passive + to infinitive

Work ---------------------> worked
Doing ---------------------> was doing
Have been to ------------> had been to
wrote ---------------------> Had written
Can -----------------> Could
Will --------------> would
must / have (got) to ------------> had to
May -------------- might

This -----------------------------> that
Here ----------------------------> there
today ---------------------------> the day
yesterday --------------------> the next day
tomorrow ---------------------> following day
Toninght ----------------------> that night
Tomorrow morning --------> The following morning
yesterday afternoon ----- The previous afternoon
next ---------------------------> following you
last ----------------------------> the previous
Aug ---------------------------> before

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