Overview of the story my orange lime plant.

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The first part presents the characters that make up the main plot of the same, as is the family and neighbors, particularly review the role of older and younger brother in the family, the role of women in that society, and reflects the level of poverty experienced in some societies. Then his brother Luis Zeze and play with imagination, which is part of the book, Zeze makes a prank that results in receiving a few punches in this case.

The next day the family will hang new house, and each brother chooses a tree in the garden, except Zezé can not do anything but resign ourselves to receive that nobody wanted, a plant with orange-lime, with a bond of love you just because is the only plant in the world who can talk. The next day he returns to disappoint because there is nothing in their shoes, and complained of his poverty, his father heard, unemployed; conscience pricks him so that comes out shining shoes to buy a present for his father, who gets excited and gives thanks.

To his teacher steals flowers every day, until you discover and through the force of reason and affection, promises not to do it anymore.

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