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Demographic:the science that statistically studies human population,its composition,state and distribution.Culture:beliefs values,customs shared by society.Literacy rate:percentage people who can read and writeExternal debt:money borrowed from another country or aninternationalinstitution.Maghreb:region of north-west Africa that includes Morocco,Algeria,Tunisia,Libya and Mauritania.Ethnic group:group of people with similar physical or cultural characteristics.Latin America:countries of the American continent where Spanish or Portuguese is spoken.

Mixed race:refers to people whose ancestors were of different racial backgrounds.Middle East:region of Asia bounded by the Black Sea,the Caucasus,the Caspian Sea and the central Asian plains.Absolute monarchy:monarchy in which the king exercises unlimited power.Archipelago:group of small islands that are close to each other.Bartering:exchanging goods without using money./Principal geographical:The process of global integration(globalisation) is making our world more and more homogeneous;lifestyles,cultures,customs,,leisure,activities,etc.,in different parts of the Earth are all becoming similar.

In spite of this,we can still identify areas of our planet that have their own unique physical,socio economic,political,historical and cultural characteristics./Africa characteristics:-Small population(968 million inhabitants).-Natural increase is very high.  -Underdeveloped countries,characterised by high infant mortality,low GDP and low literacy rate and external data.

There are two geographical regions:Northern Africa(Maghreb and Egypt) and Sub-Saharan Africa.Sub-Saharan Africa is the least than 30% of the population suffer from chronic hunger and infant mortality is very high.Northern Africa is slightly developed/

America consists of two distinctive geographical regions:

  -North America  -Central South America

Levels of development show significant inequalities:

  -The largest part of North America is among the most developed regions on Earthb and the standard of living of the majority of its inhabitants is high.  -Many nations in Central and South America are developing countries and the standard of living is very low.External debt is one of the biggest problems./Asia:General characteristics:

  -It is the most populated continent on Earth.

  -The high population density of coastal areas in the south and east.-Urban population only represents 39,7%.

We can distinguish the following geographical regions:Northern and Central Asia,Western Asia,Southern Asia,and Eastern Asia.Levels of development are diverse;population are farmers,other areas have become highly industrialised and have developed tertiary sectors./Oceania:This continent is formed by the islands of Australia and New Zealand,and the island states of the Pacific(Papua-New Guinea and the archipelagos of Micronesia,Melanesia and Polynesia).Australia and New Zealand share economic,social and cultural characteristics.

Oceania is the smallest and least populated continent,with 34 million inhabitants.Economic differences are considerable.

  -Australia and New Zealand are developed countries.

  -Papua-New Guinea,Polynesia,Micronesia and Melanesia are less developed.

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