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25. I met new boyfriend, who is an actor.
26. Owen, who rescued us from the fire, deserves a medar for bravery.
27. Reitmans is my favourite shop, where i buy all my clothes.
28. We're in August, when everyone will be on holiday.
29. Have you met my new neighbour, who has got 3 dogs?.
30.This new Project, in which we are going to take part, is exciting.
32. The chai where i was sitting collapsed.
33. Sue wishes she had played basket.
34.If you had not been so rude she woud have invited you to the party.
35. I wish i didn't shout so much.
36. I had Debbie's pone number, i would call her.
57. The chair on which you are sitting is broken.
56. He has been sleeping for an hour.
55. I wish i had seen you last night.
54. That must be Ellen.
53. People were being asked to leave.
52. She had been worryin about you.
51. Andrew suggested seeing a film.

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