The modern subject is the subject of the sciences.

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Today(that day) yesterday(the day before) tomorrow(the following day) next(the following) last(the previous) a year ago(a year before) now(then) tonight(that night) this/that(that) these(those) here(there) come(go) bring(take)

-ing: when the verb is a object or the subject. Avoid, begin, continue, hate, imagine, keep, like, love, prefer, practise, remember, start, stop, suggest. Interested in, good at, bad at, bored with, fed up with, found of, tired of, looking forwared to, mind, can't stand, it's no use , it isn't worth.

to-infinitive: advise, agree, allow, appear, ask, begin, choose, continue, decide, expect, force, forget, hate, help, hope, learn, like, manage, offer, order, plan, prefer, prepare, promise, refuse, seem, start, stop, want, would, like. CUANDO DETRAS ESTA: happy, possible, sorry, pleased

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