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Use of Animals in Biomedical Research

Pause and reflect

Explain how animals might benefit From research on other animals. Does this fact strengthen the case for Experimenting on animals?

If animals are tested, and positive Results gathered, and the animal don´t suffer is ok.

Summarize and critique

What critique do th animal rights Activists offer in response?

Animal right activist state that This practice with animals is no longer necessary.


Not only animals are used as test Subject, also, humans undergo through painful experimentation.

Summarize and critique

Underline the critique of the idea Of a total ban on research that causes animals to suffer and die. Is this Critique effective?

Is effective because shows how the Banning action can be dangerous.

Pause an reflect

Do you think must people can agree On a “reasonable balance” between making research progress and protecting Animals from unnecessary suffering.


 What Counterargument is made in response to The animal welfare movement?

The animal welfare shouldn´t be considered More important than human suffering and pain.

The Pit and the Pendulum

·The Latin poem in the beginning gives the story a misterious touch and suspense and Also connects with the reality and history of the inquisition.

·The Narrator sees the judges say his name but doesnt hear them, he begins to think In death, begins feeling lost and without feelings.

·Fainting, Dreaming, and death are events in which the body and mind are unaware of the Outside world, but that not all is lost.

·Lucid reason of a later epoch: Means that when he thought clearly he realized he Was unconcious.

·Poe`s word:

·Very Suddenly there came back to my soul motion and sound. . . Then a pause in which All is blank. Then again sound, and motion, and touch. . .


·He Loses his conciousnes for few seconds, but then regains it.

·What is the most Hideous of fates?

·To End up in a dungeon left to die.

·Description of the pit:

·Was Located inside the dungeon and is filled with water.

·He Also compares the pit to a mouth.

·The Narrator thinks it is impossible to escape the dungeon.

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