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Artwork should always be kept in its country of origin:

It has always been debated and disputed on this subject. There are people in favor of leaving artwork in their countries of origin and others who were against.

I want to give my opinion about it. All artwork have a place of origin and many works are not found in the countries where they were created because throughout history there have been many expoiles produced by wars among other causes. I think that the artwork of a given time and place are important to know the origin, culture and idiosyncrasy of a specific town in a given time.
They are works that can characterize the spirit and raison d'être of a people in a certain time. That essence should not be lost, and I agree, but today in a globalized world I think that artwork should stay in the countries wherever they are found, whether or not they are their country of origin.

The reason is very simple and I think it is fascinating that I as a Spanish can get to know Egyptian works of art without leaving Madrid, visiting for example the tremble of Debod, a temple that was ceded by Egypt to Spain. Or get to know Dutch artworks from the 18th century in the Prado museum. It is something that favors us and culturally nurtures us all. That the works are in a single place would damage many countries that do not have so much artisitic tradition for example.

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