Migration africa to europe

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1)The key factors in the campaign to abolish the transatlantic trade in slaves, and finally the institution of slavery, were economic, humanistic and moral religions. There were three important figures for the abolition of slave trafficking. In the first place was James Ramsay, who thought that slavery had to be abolished for an economic issue. He thought that more money would be made exchanging goods than exchanging slaves. In second place was Olaudah Equiano, who thought that it was necessary to abolish slavery for a humanistic issue, and because that issue was not something ethical. Finally, William Wilberforce thought that the slave trade had to be abolished by moral religion ("Evil that no christian should tolerate"). He made several reforms in the British trade against slavery.In Africa this issue left a trauma in society, and the slave trade caused the African economy to end up underdeveloped and very poor. This also caused an atrophied population growth. Europe was more benefited, and the slave trade left a cumulative profit and a good international trade. In the New World, the demographic population changed due to the black race from Africa. In addition, there was a very large economic development.

2A)This source was wrote by the english Cecil Rhode in a boat to Africa in 1877 during the imperialism period he was a Nationalist and English imperialist supporter who believed that the Anglo-Saxon race was the dominant race of the world and wanted to expand his race around the world to make the world more “finest” he stated. The author show is ideas and beliefs in the source he wants to convey the public the expansion and implement and reinforce the english nationalism. The author stated that “it is possible the recovery of  USA for the making the anglo-saxon race one empire”. The author intends to communicate his beliefs to a journal to express his belief to the public in Great Britain.Some of the assumption that this source shows are that Rhode was a british influencer looking for reinforce the anglo-saxon race and expand it. His ideals are similar to some politicians in the 20th century with nationalist perspectives and clearly similar to the government implanted in germany during the 20th century. 

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