The best way to measure motivation

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CRITERIA TO USE A STORYBOOK: -Check unfamiliar contento R words. –Check idioms. –Check clarity. –Check tenses. –Check use of Structures. –Check Word order. –Check sentence length and complexity. –Check the Way ideas are explained. //NURSERY RHYMES: CHARACTERISTICS: -Natural repetition of words and Structures. –Simple gramatical structures. –Introduction of socio cultural Aspects .- They are short. –They have a marked rhythm and musicality. –Most of Them are accompanied by actions.  10 COMMANDMENTS OF MOTIVATION: - As a teacher, try to serve as a personal role model for your students with your Own behaviour. – Create a pleasant and relaxed classroom environment. –Present the learning tasks correctly. – Develop a good relationship with students. Increases the student´s self-esteem in their learning. –Make clases as Interesting as posible. – Promote autonomy in learning. –Personalize the Learning process. –Increase the student´s search for objetives. – Familiarizes the Students with the culture of the speakers of the target language. 

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