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Solution: homogeneous mixture is formed by two or more components that can be separated by physical
Solution Components:
Solute: a
substance in a solution minority
Solvent: A substance that allows the spread of another in her womb
Characteristics of solutions:
invisible particles even with a microscope and uniformity.
Lack of sedimentation: no rush and not separated from the solution
Great breakdown of the solute: the particles are decreased, reaching a size of atoms and can pass through the filter paper.
Classes solid in liquid solutions:
Dilute solute is the amount involved is minimal in a volume ratio
Focused: You have a considerable amount of solute in a given volume
Saturated: They have the largest possible amount of solute for a given temperature and pressure
Supersaturated: the solution in which it is impossible to dissolve more solute
All of these depend on the amount of solute is to dissolve.
Measure to detect as solute is contained in a solvent, to a specified temperature or invisible miscible
Amount of substance dissolved in a given weight or volume of solution.

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