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How are you? What have you been doing since I saw you last? My name is María José Romera Sánchez, I’m 14 Years old, my birthday is on 11th of November, I live in Aledo (Spain) and Study at the school of Juan De La Cierva y Codorníu in Totana.

I also Wanted to tell you I'm blonde, tall, with green eyes, white skin, shy, Friendly, funny, good person with everyone, generous and nice. My mother is Maria Josefa, my father Juan Manuel, my brother Juan Manuel, my grandmother is Julia and my grandfather Andrew. Ihave a black and Brown dog called Miny, shelives at my grandmother’s, because at home my mother did not Want to have dogs, but she likes it a lot .

Basically, my Family is very large, because I have ten cousins, aunts and twenty uncles , Along with my grandparents on my father's and mother's side, an uncle and a cousin.

And finally, in my spare time I play the piano and the clarinet, I go to school of music Lorca and at the weekends I have dinner with my friends , I like dancing, and singing the music of gemeliers.
Has that ever happened to you? Will you come to Spain to see me? What’s your (tele) phone number?Do you like to speak Spanish?What television series do you like to see?Have you ever repeated course? I fell much more outgoing and confident now.
Anyway, I’ve got to go now, otherwise I’ll be late for our next meeting. Keep in touch.
Take care

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