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hormones-chemicals produced by special cells  

hypothalamus-part of the vertebral brain connects endo./nerv. Syst


posterior pituitary gland         cerebrum-lagest part of the brain

anterior pituitary gland           CNS-consists of the brain and spinal cord

thyroid gland                         PNS-nerve receptors and endings

parathyroid gland

pancreas-consists of langerhans

homeostasis-normal functioning condition of human body

embryos-developing individuals from insemination to birth

male gonads-testis

female gonads-ovaries

gene-code messages that relays information

DNA deoxyribonucleic acid-AKA building blocks of life

amino acid-component of ribosomes that forms polypeptides

mRNA-conveys genetic info using guanine uracil adenine cytosine

tRNA-delivers amino acids to the rRNA

rRNA-translates and directs protein to their specific cells

francis crick&james watson-discovered current structure of DNA

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