The main stages of cold war.

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population and urban growth:between 1870 and 1914,european population accelerated its growth and rose to 300 to 400 million people.Emigration abroad was favored by improved and less expensive means of transport.It initially originated from the united kingdom ireland and scandinava.The main destinations were the united states,latin america,australia and new zealand.Cities increased their population.In 1990,cities were home to a third or half of the population and some,like paris or london held over one million people.Differences between imperialism and colonies:IMP:From 1870 european colonial expansion turned to africa,asia and the pacific and entered a new phase as know imperialism""inspired the military,political and economic control of european minor over the dominated territories"".COLS:Were territories under the sovereignty of the metropole.POSITION:controlled of strategic points,british cape colony.SETTLER:colonialism involved large scale setting of foreign population and were self-administrated,british dominions.EXPLOITATION:colonialism was mainly indigenous.The colonies were administered by the metropole.Cold war:Between 1945 and 1991 the relationship between two blocs was marked by the so called"cold war" -A time of great tension 1947-1956:the rupture between the two blocs began in 1947.US president harry truman proclaimed the so called"doctrine of containment.-Peaceful consistence 1956-1976:Began in 1956 marked by desire for dialogue between the two blocs.It was favored by the increase of nuclear power.-The resurgence of the cold war 1977-1985:The increase arms race,especially focused on nuclear weapons.-The end of the cold war 1985-1991:In 1985 a change in trend began.In the soviet union,intensified dialogue with united states.The scramble for africa:the major powers set out to explore the continent and create continuous empire.The prevent possible clashes,they met at the berlin conference,established the rules for the occupation of the continent:the possession of a coastal strip gave the right to occupy the interior,free navigation on the niger and the congo rivers free trade in central africa,United kingdom tried to form a continous colonial strip from cairo,france ext

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