The main stages of cold war.

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  • The hammer and the sickle overplaning.

  • They symbolise the urban industrial workers and the rural agriculture workers.

  • the overplanning symbolises the unity of the working class.

the Russian rev, is the revolution of the working class

  • It is one of the main consequencies of WWI

  • Causes: economic: Industry had begun and workers were treated very badly. By 1917 poorness and starue have agravated.

Social: Society was nominated by a Tsar, an absolut monarch. In 1905 he was obliged to share power with the Duma.

  • During the WWI soldiers were not peasants without any training, the roats of a posible revolution were growing.

Political: Common people were not represented in the goverment.

2 Revolutions

  • Feb 1917: Russia became a Republic by executing the Tsar. Lenin was the head of the new goverment and he want Russia in the war. He wanted powe for the soviets

  • Oct 1917: A revlution led by Lenin based on the ideas of Marx. Germany helped Lenin, they thougt Russia would leave the war. By 1918, decided to leave the war and signed a peace teatry. A Civil War started between the bolshevits and the opposition. The communist party became the only legal party in Russia.

Causes of the depression

  • Industrial overproduction in the USA

  • The USA had leaned millions to Europe

  • People invested massively in shares wihout any gurantees

  • Produced to mach to few boyers

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