The main stages of cold war.

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Orwell’s tone in 1984 is relentlessly dark and pessimistic. I must say that it really works. Orwell's world is a dystopia where the human soul has been extinguished. Winston holds on to some fragments of memories but these are slowly fading. There is no individuality left in Oceania; it has literally and symbolically become a grey autocratic hell. The tone remains this way throughout the novel. Even in Winston's times of salvation with Julia, Orwell's diction is still cold and monochromatic. In a world where the party controls past, present and future, I would say that Orwell got the tone just right! The tone of this novel is dark and apathetic. The main character, Winston, seems to dislike everything that is going on around him, but is hesitant to do anything about it. He goes with the flow, but is not very happy about it, which makes the tone seem almost depressing. Towards the end, the tone could be said to be defeated because he was brainwashed to agree with everything Big Brother said and he lost the love he had for Julia. 1984 is written in a gloomy tone, with a very matter-of-fact, unornamented style. There’s little color to the novel. Neither eloquent prose nor slapstick puns would fit the bill here. The environment is dismal; speech is restricted. Kind of like the text itself. This is more of the "Orwell makes you experience Winston’s experiences" deal. 

The style is rather uniform, except for the long political tirade from Goldstein’s manifesto that is written in a different fashionIt read like a manifesto…as you might expect

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