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Facebook Is one of the most important social networks in the world. Millions of people Stay connected through their Facebook accounts and use the application as a chatting With peoplle from all over in the world.

Probably The main advantage of having a Facebook account is that you can stay in touch With a lot of people that, otherwise, you could not talk to just as often. Nonetheless, many people argue that the every time you have less privacity and More people addicted to be connected.

Another Advantage of being a Facebook user is that you can share with others what’s Going on with your life almost instantly and stay aware of what’s happening to The people that you know. However, this could backfire on you: despite the Privacy set-up options available for Facebook accounts, many users don’t get it Right and share their intimate life details with a wide range of strangers. This practice could result in a real danger.

As a Conclusion, it could be argued that both advantages and disadvantages of Facebook interaction lies on the hands the users: if you are smart, you can Have meaningful relations and protect your privacy even if you are a social Network heavy user.

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