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eECONOMIC SYSTEM- are different ways or organising and carrying out economic activity. There are three;
-The capitalist system- law of supply and demand (market economy)
-Other characteritics 
PRIMARY- Includes activities involves ontaining natural resources for production, distribution and consumption. These are agriculture, livestock, farming forestry and fisihing. 
SECUNDARY- Includes activities concerred with transforming raw materials into products that make it possible for humans to meet their needs. The main activities are industry, mining, energy, production and construcction.
TERTIARY- Activities are transport, comumications trade, tourism, healthcare and educations these are immaterial activities. This mean that tehy do not produce material goods they involve very little mechanisation and they are higly diverse. 
TRANSPORT- is the activity that involves moving people and goods from one place to another.
AFRICULTURE- INCLUDES a variety of crops and methods of growing them. 
TOURISM- is the temporal movement of people (from 24 hours to one year) from their place of residence to another location, generally for leisure purposes. WARESIDE, MOUNTAIN, RURAL TOURISM, OTHER TYPES OF TOURISM

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Law 19983 on