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adultery:Sex between a married person and someone who is not their husband or wife. bosom: a woman's chest, or the part of her clothing that covers it.indians:the original people in America before the white man cam.Needle:a small thin piece of metak that you use for sewing.pray:to send a message,silent or spoken to God.priest:official at a church.religion:abelief in a god or gods.Scaffold:a high plataform where crimianls are killed in public.sin:a very bad thing that your religion says you should not do.thread: a long,thin piece of cotton,used with a needle for sewing.wise:sensible and experiences, showing good judgement.Puritans:a group of Christians in the 1617thcenturies who believed in living a simple life with hard work and little fun.magistrate:a person who works as a judge in a court of law mercy:being a kind and forgiving to somebody who has done wrong.Balcony: a platform built on the upstairs outside wall of a building.Cheek:either side of the face below the eyes.Election: a time when people vote to choose a new government.Forehead: the part of the face above the eyes.Forgive:to stop feeling angry with someone who had done somenthing to harm you.Godly: living a good life that follows the laws of your religion.Grave: a hole in the ground where a ded person is buried.Guilty: having done something that is against the law.Mistress:a polite word for a married person.Mood:the way you are feeling at a particular time.Respect:to have very good opinion of someone.Sermon:a tak on a religious subject,given by a priest.Shame:feelings of guilty when you have done somehing wrong or sinful.Soul:the part of us that someone believe does not die.Partner:somebody you work with or have relationship with.Wrong:to behave badly

PURITANS:They left england to extend their ideology. The tradition is thanksgiving. They were helped by the natives. IN 1620-1640 for the great migration because english puritans to massachuttes and the west indies. The came in groups and were motivated by a quest for freedom to practise their puritan religion.Puritans were a larger religious movement within the Church of England. Pilgrims were Puritans who were so extreme they felt they needed to separate themselves from the larger society in the UK by moving as far as they could. 1.Pilgrims and Puritans have a similar ancestry, shared history, and goals.

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