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RB 23rd February 1917. It began with a demonstration in Petrograd. Troops refused to shoot at strikers. Nicholas II abdicated, and a Provisional Government was formed.

Russia continued in the war, which worsened the crisis. Lenin claimed to power for the Soviets. With his April Theses ask for a new revolution supporting the Russian withdrawal from the war, the redistribution of the land, and the control of factories by worker's committees.

RB Oct. Planified by Lenin and Trotsky. The 24th, the former joined the Soviet of Petrogard, and the next day the strategic points around the city were taken over. The agrarian property was distributed among the peasants... Security was guaranteed by the public service.

The Dawes plan: 1924 a set of measures aimed at supporting the EU powers, especially Germany, in order to achieve a solid recovery that could favour them. 

The GP: overproduction, unemployment, the appearance of new markets. Black Thursday, 24th Oct 1929. Stock market of wall Street. Collapse of banks, economy fell, consumption decreased, unemployment, reduce its imports. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the new deal. Intervention by law in the bank's, finlancial support to farmers, decrease maximum hours, restructuring of competition and child labour.

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