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Quartiles- divides the data set into four parts.

Q1= cuts data set so 25% of the data set falls below it and 75% of data falls above it.

Q2= cuts data set such that 50% of data falls below it and 50% of data falls above it.

Measure of Variability- A measure of variability is a value that describes the spread of a data set.

Measure of Relative Position- A value that indicates the position of a single value in relation to other values in a data set. 

Interquartile Range (IQR)- This value is the diffrence between the third and first quartile (Q3-Q1).

eliminates the bottom 25% and eliminates the top 25% where outliers would occur if present.

only considers middle 50% of data, leaving 50% of the data overlooked.

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