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ROM: primary memory that is used to read data
USB: slot in the motherboard you can play in imput devices
HEADSET: output that is used to listen and to speak
CRASH: a failure that causes the rebooting of the OS
RELIABLE: the quality of being trustwerthy
VIRUS: malicious software that damages the pc
TROJAN: a hamful software that spies you pc
ZOMBIE: hacked computer contralled externally
TIME-BOMB: a malicious program that executes it self at a specific time
JUNK: a software tool that it is used fot deleting files
PRINTER: a periphoral divace that it is used to convent digital documents in to paper
TABLET: a computer portable
REFOUND: the amount cash that is obtained in exchange for a purchase
CRACKING: the action of malicious hacking
SERVER: a computer that provider web services a specific client
KEYBOARD: an imput device used to type in data in to the pc
CACHE: volatile memory, faster them RAM
BUG: an error on program software that leads to a malfuction
HANASSMENT: a computer crime that consists of bullying a person.
ATTACHMENT: a file that is enclosed to email
SLASH: a diagonal line used in typing to separate letters, number er word
MAINFRAME: a profesional powerful computer that is used for to offer a service
ALIGMMENT: a function that allows in to change the position og a selected text to the night, left on centre of the document.
ICAN: a symbel, on the OS that represents a function
FONT: set of characters of the same style, and size
CURSOR: function of the os that is used to move an the trought
DELETE: a action of eliminating information
CELL: each individual box on the spreadsheat
COLUMN: the vertical reference on the spreadsheat
ROW: the horizontal refence on the spreadsheat
VALUE: a number entered into a cell on the spreadsheat
FORMULA: an arithmetical operation on a spreadsheat
WORKSHEAT: very single page on a spreadsheat
WORM: a malware that copies itself and replicates
KEY: every unit of a keyboard typing
CPU: component of the motherboard that manager all the procesor of the computer
SCANNER: a imput periphoral device that is used to convent documents in digital format
MAGNETIC-DISK: secundary storage analogical
MEGABYTE: a measure unit used on it that is the capaciting of memory
FRAUD: a cybercrime that involues manipulating the computer to obtain money and benefits
= equals
+ olus
- minus
x multiplied by
/ divided into

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