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I am writing in response to your advert. I wouls like to Appply for the job/position.I hope you will consider my application favourably. I have enclosed my CV so that you have a full record of my work experience.I Look forward to hearing from you in the future.Yours faithfully

Bread and butter;means of support(livelihood)-callls the Shots;to exercise aothority-hold down a job;keep a job-make  living;enjoy your live-got the sack:lose your Job-paid peanuts;make a low salary-bring the home the bacon;to bring home money Earned at job-common sense;sound practical judgement-conscientious;very Careful-devoted;person who never leave you-downtoearth;practical and realistic-pushy;to Be agressive-assertive;person who want to control all things

Color segregation was current in some states of EUA, Discrimination against women

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