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I.Industrial revolution-People move from farms to cities-rise factories--Capitalismvs Communism

1.Causes:natural resources , move to cities , laisse faireno governmenment

2.Gilded Age--Layer of gold covering the corruption and mistreatment of workers

II Entrepreneurs--new ideas , starting new business

1.Andrew Carnegie--

  1. Steel

  2. Homestead Strike--Pinkertons

2.Monopoly-one person controls an industry

3.Vertical Monopoly- buy up all levels of production

4.Horizontal Monopoly-buy up all the other like companies

5.Social Darwinism-The belief that the rich worked harder and were smarter

6.Social gospel of wealth-Donate money

7.The knights of labor-one of the first unions-

  1. 8 hours work day

  2. Child labor laws

8.Sherman Anti-trust Act - Monopolies became illegal

9.Union:Group of people who come together to ask for betteer wages , more benefits , working conditions

  1. Tools- strike , boycott

10.Haymarket Affair-union rally where a union worker bombs the police

11.Triangle Shirt Factory-Workers locked in room-helps public support

III Immigration

1.Chinese (Angle Island)

  1. Chinese Exclusion Act - Limited Chinese immigration

  2. Nativism - Immigrants should not change U.S. Culture

2.Eastern Europeans (Ellis Island)

IV Politics

1.Political Machine-Boss controls voters - Boss control politicians - Kickbacks

2.Boss- Controls politics

3.Graft-illegal political influence

4.Tammany Hall-Boss Tweed

5.Patronage-get a job based on who you know

6Garfield(Shot) v.Chester A.Artur

7.Pendletion act

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