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allegory of the sun compare d good idea ideas sol.Compara cn cn the visible things and the ionteligencia cn cn vista.La alguns tematica fundamentalmete ontoligica tematica apect of epistemoligica.
R cn sifistas reality of being is flowing and continuous cambio.El dualism sets k ontoligico Platinic true reality there is 1 unique knowledge ocision sofiasta defends the true knowledge, depends on the sjeto k is always private and personal: subjectivism. Their cultural and historical characteristics: relativismo.Para Plato necesaria.Los truth is universal and intelligible beings are universal and necessary: the idealismo.El knowledge depend realidd d: objectivism. the human being every human society is the result d in the k d vive.A through education should be subjected to a set d normas.El anthropological dualism Plato advocates the true identity of man is his soul. Ethics defends relativism holds yconvencionalismo moral.Para platon good exists k objetivament.Para get the being must be fair. Sophists politics for the legitimacy d the structure of the state laws and follows the agreement between ciudadans. X that virtue consists in the wing I am now persuaded alos d ciudadans on goodness prooas d the proposals: political convention.
rational soul .. Wings must control others and k can know ideas - Aurigae irascible passions sour c d Noble (value courage ..) and a tendency towards what is only possible util k sperando any difficulty .. Ignoble passions C.Blanco.Aconcupiscible sour c d (sensual desire ... Acia ombre trend of the material C black.

Sophist philosophical type d: d posiilidades exhausted dpa physis.D philosophy political: d advance democracy against the aristocracy: caractaristicas 1sofista means enseñar.Eran d x sabio.Estos charged low-life and virtus economicament not debils.Decian k was born but aorendida d abia k 1 k aprenderla.2crearon the lawyers and defenders, and taught them they could not intervenir.3 k relativistic attitude and say esceptica.Esta kiere kn podems sure relativism nada.Y d almost say the true k and what is false conventionality dd relativo.4 moral standards and policies into institucciones No rules and laws are immutable convencionales.5se not felt necessary but also illustrated iudadans of mnd .-- podems distinguish the large and famous master d the 1st sophistic .-- gnracion naturalists - used sophistic sophistic ideas finalidaddes cn policies.
great teachers ..... The measure d hmbre is everything to me are things that are cmo m occurs and you may appear ... Cmo se t tode is relative, there is no absolute truth or absolute moral values.

SOCRATESno cobrasn .. Pronounce d rather long speeches .. Alos solucions yozmil and provide moral political issues. / / / the refinement of the soul is attained through knowledge of both virtue = knowledge

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