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join: a climbing club, a cookery course, a dramna society, an evening class, a fitness centre, Go: bowling, jogging, running, sailing, windsurfing, Play: badminton, chess, golf, squash, volleyball, tAKE: computer clases, a cookery course, pottery class, t'aichi lessons, yoga lessons. (Marachanga) is designed, are set, are seen, are advised, was opened, was chosen, were provided, is hidden. (press release) has been described, has been voted, is being extended, are being built, are being built, is being taken, will be completed, will be marketed. (marachanga) to, of, to, in/at, of,nect to, at,on,with,to,of,at,in,of,to. (pronunciation) PPP,PCP,PCP,PPP,PCP,PPP,PPP,PCP./ why don't you go jogging or tunning/ perhaps you should try volleyball/you could take a cookery course or pottery classes/why dont´t you take t'aichi lessons or yoga lessons/perhaps ypu sould take computer class or join an evening class/ you could join a fitness centre or go jogging/why don't you go bowing or play chess?/ perhaps upu sould join a climbing club.((listening))is being held, are served, is located, are invited, is being repaired, will be completed, have alsobeen changed,is being printed,is corrently being extended, can be found.(complete) hope,are asked,takes,is been decorated,are installing,isbeing served,have been fitted,have cancelled,hasn't been cleaned,was build, opened,will be asked, will be given, will not disturb.

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