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 1. Pregunta: Being shunned. Respuesta: to be excluded

2. Pregunta: which strategy for learning… Respuesta: Being willing to receive harsh

3. Pregunta: Mentioned in paragraph 4… Respuesta: one Who takes risks

4. Pregunta: Which paraphrase best describes… Respuesta: In order to succeed you must

 1. TRUE (T) 2. FALSE (F) “These silent students were often found To be talkative with their peers” 3. TRUE (T) 4. TRUE (T)

1. If L2 learners are prepared to take the risk of Being wrong, they will succeed in language learning.

2. If you learned from your mistakes, you would not Repeat them.

3. If they had not been afraid to speak in class, They would have improved their speaking skills

Risk-taking has been identified as one of the Important characteristics of successful L2 (second language) learning. Learners Should not be afraid of making mistakes, and conversely, they may be prepared To take the risk of being wrong in order to succeed in the L2 acquisition. When It comes to a classroom with silent children who do not talk much, teachers Tend to make conclusions by student’s personal traits. According to Labov (1969), silent students assume that anything they say can be used against them. Even though, these kind of children are often found to be talkative with their Classmates.

1. Doomed 2. Embarking 3. Hesitate 4. Outcome 5. Trigger 6. Rampantly

Listening 1. Doney one kidney to an Unknown recipient and save the life of someone and dessapear 2. Because many people in us Were waiting for the transplant 3. Amygdala 4. Have less amygdala      1. B 2. C 3. A 4. C

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