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 1. Pregunta: Being shunned. Respuesta: to be excluded

2. Pregunta: which strategy for learning… Respuesta: Being willing to receive harsh

3. Pregunta: Mentioned in paragraph 4… Respuesta: one Who takes risks

4. Pregunta: Which paraphrase best describes… Respuesta: In order to succeed you must

 1. TRUE (T) 2. FALSE (F) “These silent students were often found To be talkative with their peers” 3. TRUE (T) 4. TRUE (T)

1. If they developed their skills, they will Succeed in language learning.

2. If you learned from your mistakes, you would know french

3. If they had not been afraid to speak in class, they would passed the Level

The stadistics show That if the person that is learning a language takes risks during the process Is more probably that the person learn more and fluently. Is important to say That in the process the person could be wrong but it is essential to be Successfull, dont care if people rejected you, the only important thing is that You are learning and for that you have to commit mistakes to improve your Skills. Is very common that in classrooms many people dont talk because they Are afraid of what can happen, is important also that the teacher make feel the Student comfortable in order he could be talk in confidence.

1. Doomed 2. Embarking 3. Hesitate 4. Outcome 5. Trigger 6. Rampantly

Listening 1. Doney one kidney to an Unknown recipient and save the life of someone and dessapear 2. Because many people in us Were waiting for the transplant 3. Amygdala 4. Have less amygdala      1. B 2. C 3. A 4. C

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