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FOOD: A..BALANCED..diet contains, as from.UNDERNUTRITION (desnutricion)..A varied diet is the best, adequate..INTAKE(consumo)..Of all the essential nutri, vitamins and... MINERALS.., source of ..ENERGY.., ..STARCHES(almidon)..And complex polysaccharides, they contain more..CELLULOSE., the component..AMINO ACIDS..Of protein, digested and ..ABSORBED..Is found in meat, fish and.. PULSES(legumbres)..(beans,peas..), they provide..INSULATION(aislamiento).. Under the skin,..PROTECT..Major organs from trauma, ..FLAVOUR(sabor)..,increase palatability, only small...AMOUNTS(cantidades).., ...FISH..And plant oils, they can be.. STORED(almacenado)..In the liver, ..LOST(perdido)..From de body, ..RIVOFLAVIN..And nicotinic acid. ...CEREALS..(wheat,rye), ..IODINE, and zinc are the most, wound..HEALING(curacion)., .HAEMOGLOBIN..And is important in enzyme, ..BIOAVAILABLE(biodisponible)..Form.///
lact-(milk), sacchar-glyc-(sugar), amyl-(starch),steat-adip-(fat), natr-(sodium), kal-(potassium), calc-(stone)// -ose(sugar), -ase(enzyme),-ide (derivate), -in(substance), -gen(precursor).

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