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1-Harry up!... Catch up

2-You were... Sit the game out
3-I wish... Let us down
4-She would... Hold down
5-I can't tell those bro apart
6-Many people got fired

1-People.. Flee
2-She... gift
3-What... Method
4-Actually... Runs the show
5-When... Slack off
6-People who do shifts
7-She is... Knowledgeable
8-The bad... travel

1-It's possible... Living creatures could exist on other planets.
2-I strongly... You shouldn't travel to that country.
3-I'm sure... Alex must have forgotten about our meeting today.
4-It wasn't... You didn't have to bring a gift.
5-People say... Rafa Nadal is said to be the best tennis player worldwide.

6-Some friends... We were sent a beautiful postcard from Australia
7-A professional... She has her makeup done by a professional before each performance.
8-Thay are cleaning... The beaches are being cleaned on the east coast of Spain.
9-The guy.. I'm going to have my ice-skates sharpened by the guy at the sports shop.
10-Despite... Although he arrived late, he was allowed to going in the classroom.
11-There are many... There are many sunny places in Spain to go on holiday, such as Salou, Torrevieja and Benidorm.
12-We expect... The bridge is expected to arrive any time at the church.
13-Where do they... Where are oranges exactly grown up in Spain?
14-It wasn't... You didn't need to do the washing up, because I was going to do it later.
15-I didn't buy.. If I liked the colour I would have bought the shoes.
16-I won't... Unless he apologises first, I won't forgive him.
17-Alfred... Despite of being a talented musician, he didn't win the OT musical contest on TV.
18-It's possible... The basket coach may not pick you for the team this year.

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