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dear sirs, with reference to your advertisement in/letter enquiry of yesterday's times, would you please send me full details, prices and samples of your promotional gifts, yours faithfully.

dear mr... Thank you for your enquiry of... We are pleased to enclose our new brochure and price list together with samples of our promotional gifts. We look forward to hearing from you, yours sincerely.

dear sirs, thank you for your letter of... Enclosing your... We have examined your samples and would like to place the following order:... We shall (pay for the goods by banker's draft) on receipt of (open a letter of credit as soon as we receive) your pro forma invoice. Yours faithfully

dear sirs, we are pleased to advise you of the despatch of your order no.... Witch was collected today for transport by ... To hong kong. The air way-bill, insurance certificate and invoice for freight charges and insurance are enclosed. We look forward to receiving further orders from you in the future. Your faithfully

dear sirs, we are pleased to acknowledge your order of 10 june for:... We enclose our pro forma invoice as requested. The goods will be despatched by air on receipt of your banker's draft. Yours faithfully

inviting formal: (the directors) request the company of (mr williams) on the occasion of (the 21 anniversary) at (the hotel) on (10 nov) at (3:30pm). Informal: we are organising (a dinner to mark the twenty-fifth anniversary of our company) and would like you to attend
refusing formal: (mr willians thanks) but regrets that he is unable to attend due to (a prior engagement)
informal: unfortunately i have already agreed (to speak at a conference in oslo) and will therefore be unable to attend (your dinner)

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