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linterna : for one thing, i dont like running or cycling in the dark. With a heard torch yo feel safe because drivers can see you.

and it´s also great for camping, as i discovered las year on a school camping trip. It was dark and windy when we arrived at the campsite. Jamie and i had head torches and we put our tent up in exactly five minuts: 15 minuts later , even the teachers were having problems whit theirs. As you can imagine, it´s difficult to put a tent up in the dark when you´re holdigen their antorches in their mounths while they tired to put their tents up. My head torch was also really useful for coocking in the evening on that camping trip. And it was even more useful for eating in the dark. Like the night two huge spiders dropped into my spaghetti.

the first english novel : robinson crusoe is a novel by daniel defoe. Published in 1719 it is a fictional augraphy of crusoe a man who spends 28 years on a remote tropical island after his ship sinks. Crusoe is rescued at the end of the book. After many adventure. Many people think that robinson crusoe is the first novel in english 

defoe: defoe was a english writer and journalist. He wrote more than 500 books and journals on varius topics, incluiding politics crime and psychology he is famous for robison cursoe and for making novels popular in britan 

defoe inspiration: Alexander selkirik was a scottish sailor who lived on an island near chile for four years. After his rescue his story was in british newspapers. Defoe probably got the idea for his story  after reading about selkrik. Selkrik was on one of wiliam dampiers voyages of exploration when he was left on the island 

maraton: the london marathon is the UKS most famous marathon. I takes place eachs spring in the capital on a sunday. It isn´t the oldest annual marathon in the world-that the boston marathon in the usa which started in 1897. Neither is it the largest- that the usa new york marathon. However it is the biggest fund rasing event in the world. It raises millons of pounds for charity every year. The london marathon runners cross the prime meridian at greenwich , so they cross two hemispheres.
in1979 crish brasher a forme british olympic runner took parti in the new york marathon. The experience gave brasher , the inspiration to stablish a similar event in the english capitall.Less than two years later the first london marathon took place on 29 march 1981
around 6700 people took part in the first london marathon in 1981 but nowadays tehre more than 30.000 competitors from over 50 countries 

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