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I, ve JUST graduated in chemistry an I,D ..... JET ....Jobs SIX MONTHS AGO , before ..... SO FAR .....  LAST WEEK

1. Have you ever learnt / wasn't 
2. Have you downloaded/ I downloaded 
3. Did you buy / I I bought 
4.Have you ever been / I``ve never been
5. Did you sing / I sang
6. Have you ever met/ I chatted

1 there was a second peck IN cinema revenue in July
2. Revenue REMAINED STABLE between January and feb
3. Revenue fell SLIGHLY between April and may
4. Revenue increased SHARPLY between April and may
5. Revenue grew BY almost $2000 million ..
6.There was a decrease OF $50 million...

1. How long have you worked for seymourpowell?
2. What have you learned there?
3. Where did you work before?
4.  Have you ever managed a team?
5. What did you know about our company before coming to this interview?

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