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1. When
2. The previous month
3. Have been reading
4. Must have
5. Are being printed
6. wouldn’t have apologised
7. Didn’t
8. We would see
B 1. If I had enough money, I would buy a new car.
2. The team hasn’t been chosen yet.
3. Jane suggested inviting / that we invite the Smiths over that evening.
4. I wish (that) you could come to our wedding.
5. After I had waited for two hours, I left. / After waiting for two hours, I left.
6. If you had apologised, they wouldn’t have been angry.
C 1. Have never been
2. Are kept
3. Would be
4. Couldn’t do / wouldn’t do
5. Involves
6. Is said
7. Has been bitten
8. Could have been
9. Hadn’t identified
10. Told
D 1. If I were you, I wouldn’t spend so much money.
2. She announced that she was leaving the following day.
3. Our old car, which we want to sell, has got a puncture.
4. They said that the house had been totally destroyed in the fire.
5. We’ll go for a trip as soon as you feel strong enough.
6. That can’t be John. He’s travelling in Australia this month.
7. I don’t like these shoes. I wish I hadn’t bought them.
8. In my opinion, children shouldn’t watch violent films.

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