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1- What did Ismael learn about Captain Ahab from his appearance?

-He Learnt that Ahab was was hurt by Moby Dick(Artificial leg)

2-What Was the dispute between Captain Ahab and Stubb about and how did Ahab React to Stubb´s suggestion?

-Because Ahab wants to Kill a whale and Stubbs wants to Kill all whales

3-What Prize did Captain Ahab offer the first person to see Moby Dick?

-A Gold coin from Spain

4-How Do the men attack a whale?

-In The harpoon boats

5-What Happened to Ishmael on his first experience in a harpoon boat?

-They Hit the rock


1-The Sailors weren´t happy with Captain Ahab.Why?

-Because They want to Kill more than one whole

2-Explain Why Captain Mayhew didn´t hunt Moby Dick any more

-Because The whale Moby Dick Kill a man and his whale is the most dangerous Animal

3-Why Did Stubb take Pip into the harpoon boat,and what was the result?

-Because The other sailors could manage thremselves withhart him.The result Was bad because threy lost the whale

4-Did Stubb keep his promise not to rescue Pip again?

-No,he Didn´t.They rescue little Pip but he wasn´t never the same

5-Why Did Captain Ahab want to take care og little Pip?What happened Because of this?

-Because Both understand about drath and they understand each other. 

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