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ruledgoverned portrayshow 

since becauseacting performance

resembles looks like wise intelligent 

understands realisesas well asand also

fans enthusiats entertaining amusing

How can Invictus..? Invictus  can do so by combining sport, politics and drama.

What is Mandela’s..?

Mandela’s impossible dream is uniting blacks and whites behind South Africa’s rugby team, the Springboks.

Whendoes Pienaar..?AfterMandela has shared his vision with him, Pienaar leads the team to success.

Why are the leading..?The leading characters of the film are great because of the superb and powerful performance by the actors who play them.

What makes Pienaar..? Understanding that his efforts are important for his country as well as his team makes Pienaar a determined team captain.

knew:realised Told :warned afterwards: later

prepare:train never forget: always remember

forest:wood with no: without (any) followed:went along eventually: finally on her own: by herself

What made Sullenberger..?

The fact that Sullenbergerdid not have enough time to turn back to the airport made him do so / risk landing the plane on the Hudson River

What was the plane’s..?

The plane’s landing was smooth –and relieving to everyone.

What were the service..?

The service boats and ferries were for rescuing all the passengers in the river.

What will Saunders.? Saunders will never forget her terrifying hike up a mountain in Queensland. 

How could Saunders keep warm?Saunders could do so

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