Human actuality

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In addition, Death of a King’s Horseman also has “cultural identity”. Between these three books this is the most powerful one. Elesin is the king’s horseman and his duty is to commit suicide in order to lead the king to his death. Cultural identity is shown in this text by the idea of death and also beliefs. Pilkings and Jane were wearing fancy clothes, which for the natives that kind of clothing belong to the dead and not for human being. “ Mista Pirinkin, I beg you sir, what you think you do with that dress? It belong to dead cult, not for human being.” ( Soyinka, 24). The natives believe a lot in superstition and the Europeans don’t respect that “ Look here Amusa, I think this little joke has gone to far enough hm? Let’s have some sense.” ( Soyinka, 25). Since Pilkings is the one that has to control everyone, he doesn’t understand that Elesin has to commit suicide, or if not everything is going to chaos.

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