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- the great depression. A recession followed the wall street crush of 1929. European nations applied protectionist measures and competed for markets.

- Totalitarian regimes. As soon as the came to power, the Nazis implemented an agressive foreign policy to make up for the humilliation of the treaty of versailles.

- Militarisim and rearment. Germany violated the treaty of versailles by rearming and expanding.

- Territorial conflicts and expansionism. Old conflicts restarted in the territories that had passed into the hands of other nations after the WWI.


-upper class: consisted of the old nobility. The wealthy middle class consisted of bankers, industrialists and merchants.

-middle class: this class grew as the economy developed. Technical and scientific led to the growth of liberal preffesion among this class.

working class: peasants continued to account for the largest percentageof the population. They lived in extreme poverty.

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