What happened to a young man who married a woman very brave and very strong, lucanor

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-This book is composed by three stories as Well says the title, "three such of terror and mystery" in Which treat themes of terror. 

-The first story talks About a man who could not study at home as he wanted, so he was in search of a New, then finds a home in a small town and purchase it. A day studying appeared A rat who always looked at him until one day launched you a book and ran to a Picture, when the main character saw it, it was a judge with evil face, when The man turned around was with him and when I look at the picture already was Not, then the neighbours heard a cry and when they went to the home found the young man dead and hung by the neck with a rope.

-In the second, ones friends Were in a castle old, where had a cat and his little cat, one of Them friends without wanting to left fall a stone and the little cat died, the Cat is put sad(triste), followed and arrived to a room of objects of Torture old, the boy that had left fall it stone asked to the guard that opened A machine of torture so is could put and feel that was be in she , the guard Accepted. The guard was holding the rope which allowed that the machine will Not close and at that time the cat came and attacked the guard, making that the Guard will let go of the rope, then closed the machine of torture and kill the Boy.

-In the third, a friend saved the lives of another when they Were small, when they grew up they fell in love with the same woman, one won a Bet, the other would give everything you had, in 3 years back having worked, to Marry and keep the girl, three years after one returned from his trip. One of Them to not be able to fulfill its promise, not married. The other took the Opportunity to marry his wife and when they came out of the Church they saw a Body, approached and they realized that it was his friend and seemed that it Was watching them.

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