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1. You _must be wondering why___ I haven’t phoned you.
2. The _heavy rain prevented us from having___ the picnic we had planned.
3. Recently, __there has been a rise in___ the number of people who study a degree.
4. It was a matter of minutes_____ before the police came.
5. Can anyone _come up with a solution___ to this problem?
6. Are you accusing _me of not telling the truth___ about what happened?
7. I __haven’t got round to phoning ____ you, but I’ll do it soon.
8. Economists say that there is __no doubt that the situation will get__ better.
9. It _was my mother who/that got me interested___ in reading.
10. What is that’s __ causing you such a lot of____ confusion?
11. She made a very quick decision __without giving enough thought ___ to the matter.
12. It was _a while until/ till/ before they fully understand___ what I was explaining.
13. That matter _isn’t worth arguing about___.
14. Should __there be a/ any delay ___ to your parcel, contact us.
15. I __wouldn’t dream of studying___ another degree.
16. Those two books don’t ___have anything in common with_____ each other.
17. To _my surprise, nothing went___ wrong when we travelled to Canada.
18. You shouldn’t have sped __however well you___ drive.
19. I _had no idea (that) universities cost____ so much in Spain.
20. It’s such a small detail that you shouldn’t _let it get you____ down.
21. The Prime Minister is reported __to be making a recovery___ in hospital now.22. I don’t __take English seriously according___ to my teacher.
23. __There is hardly any petrol___ left in the car.
24. I _was desperate to give____ the new boss a good impression.

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