What happened to a king Cordoba called Alhaquen

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REDACCION AMIGO: Sorry it's taken so long to get in touch, I had to do a lot of things.One of them was studying very much because I have a lot of exams, and I have to pass them because they are final exams.Thanks for the email, because I know you are always there to help me and you're an important person for me.//The important things which I have donde are studying very hard, because I'm in 2nd BACH and I have to pass final exams as I told you before, because next year I will go to the university.The news that just happened to me recently are that last Friday I was coming  back from Madrid and the bus stopped at night time in a town called Gineta. In addition a person had to came to Gineta to repair the bus. I and my friend were scared. Finally, we got home.//When I go to London, we could meet whenever want and we could go to Burger King. Ah, I forgot to tell you that I'm going to have a brother soon.//See you soon.

EMAIL: Dear Sirs,

I am writting this email because I bought a phone through the Internet and now it does not work. I am worried about the phone because I have spent money on it and I am afraid my phone cannot be repaired. I use my mobile phone very often and I can't waste my time because it is essential for me, the fact that it is part of my job and personal life.//The problem of the pone is that its screen does not work because the phone fell on the floor and when I caught it, the screen was broken.I pressed the button because it is tactile, but the mobile phone wasn't responding, when I bought it I paid the insurance just in case it was broken, so if it needs to be fixed, I do not have to pay the reparation. I will send it to you and you will repair my mobile, if you can do it soon I will be grateful.//It is crucial for me to be able to get a new once because I use it for almost everything and at the moment, the one I am using is giving me technical problems.//Regards,//Rub Mart

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