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9. Answer any four of the following questions in 30 – 40 words each: 3x4=12
(a) How did Gandhi show that he cared for the cultural and social backwardness of Champaran villages?
(b) How was Saheb’s life at the tea stall?
(c) What will happen when Aunt Jennifer is dead?
(d) Life is full of sorrows. What brings joy in it? (A Thing of Beauty)
(e) How did the Tiger King ‘kill’ the hundredth tiger?
(f) Who did Dr. Sadao think the survivor from the sea was when he first saw him?

10. Answer the following question in 120 – 150 words: (6)
‘We Too are Human Beings’ highlights high caste – low caste discrimination in society. How do low caste people suffer on account of this? What advice is given to Bama to overcome this problem?
How did Dr. Sadao help the American POW to escape? What humanitarian values do you find in his act?

The order from Berlin aroused a particular zeal in the school. Comment.
What happened at the YMCA swimming pool which instilled fear of water in Douglas’ mind?

Silas Marner lost his hoard of gold. Describe the circumstances under which his ‘gold’ is restored to him in the form of Eppie.
How did Griffin make himself completely invisible at ‘Coach and Horses’?

Godfrey Cass is good-natured but weak-willed. Comment.
As a scientist, how is Kemp different from Griffin?

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