V-n graph

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i. Draw a biomass pyramid for the marine ecosystem (3 marks). Ii. How would you explain that the biomass of producers is lower than that of primary consumers? (2 marks) Phytoplankton is renewed so quickly that, even though large quantities of biomass are extracted by primary consumers, it replenishes itself quickly. L. Look at the following graph and answer the questions (5 marks): i. What does each line represent? They represent the evolution of two populations through time. Ii. Identify each stage. Both populations have an initial latent stage where growth is slow. Then there is an exponential phase with rapid growth until a stationary phase is reached. Iii. What differences are there between the two lines? Population B has a shorter latent stage, reaches a higher number of individuals, and has a decreasing stage that cannot be seen in population A. B seems to be a r-selected species while A might be a kselected species. M. Identify the two main factors that determine the impact of a greenhouse gas (4 marks). Ability to absorb long-wave radiation. Concentration within the atmosphere (determined by rate of release and persistence)

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