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Non-verbal aspects: answer the call as soon as possible (1st or 2nd Ring)

Speak in a relaxed and soft tone

Use a moderate voice volume

Do not keep the caller on hold for a long time

If we cannot help immediately, Ask for a call back or


Pay attention to the call 

Verbal aspects:Answer Politely and with respect

Pay Attention to your diction and pronunciation

Cover Handset to avoid creating a bad impression

Follow Rules of courtesy: use of “usted”

Say Goodbye and wait for the caller to hang up first

Foreigners: Speak slowly , vocalize and don’t shout


Non-verbal aspects:when greeting transmit strength and confidence

Vary the tone to avoid lack of enthusiasm

Verbal aspects:greet and identify yourself, state reason for call

Use the customer´s name all the time and Sr/Sra

If person not available get a best time To call back

Ask the person if it´s a good time to Talk

If leave a message: clear and concise (reason, name & nº)

If returning a call, you must state When you were called

If we have agreed to call back, respect The agreement


If your job is answering the phone , you must develop Filtering skills (knowing when we should pass a call to our superiors.)

TecniququrdAct naturallyFind out relationship (ask sb the Reason for the call)Find out who the caller really wants To talk to.

Skills for Dealing with complaints over the phone

·Greet and identify yourself/Stay calm/Let the caller explain

Job search With the phone

Once we have the name of the companies we want to call As they might be offering a job position, collect information about them, Obtain the name of a person we want to contact , the head of HR or the head of The department or event the manager of the company. Prepare what we want to say First before calling. When we make the call we have to try and obtain an Interview or to find out the name of the person we should be sending our CV or Cover letter.

Calling process: make a list Of all the calls and the results 

Contacting The right person – giving a good impression

-Show a positive and optimistic Attitude

-Use a strong and assertive tone

-Speak slowly and vocalize

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